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Why "Leo's Whiskey Bar?

"Leo's Whiskey Bar"  was named after a man named Leo Papas  He was a USCG veteran, career steelmill worker and general handyman, with a love for his family and this country.  A "blue collar worker" all of his life, he enjoyed talking with people over a drink or two.....never to excess.  It was about the conversation and getting to know each other, over a "thoughtful drink" (his term) that really made his life full.  And while prinicipled and strong minded, he always seemed to have time to hear others' opinion and how it might affect his own.

He was a burly guy, with a huge sense of humor when not totally immersed in his work responsibilities.  He was not always kind or soft, but was quick to apologize when he had wronged someone.  He sought the good in people, even when they didn't return the favor.

His hands had the calluses of a steel worker, but could also hide his face as he cried over a personal loss.  And as the calouses of his hands softened, so did his spirit and demeanor.  He was, without question, a throwback to the "greatest generation.  He was also very generous and giving to his family and strangers alike.  It was nothing to, after working his job at the mill, help an older lady with a sprinkling system or hot water heater.....never accepting anything other than a "thank you" and a hug.

It is in this spirit that we offer up "Leo's Whiskey Bar", where conversation is valued, relationships are nutured and friends are made.  Come in, enjoy a simpler time listening to music from the 1940s, drinking a classic "old school" cocktail or whiskey.  



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